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Fla-JoeŽ Thrashing Feverishly

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Cotee River Jigs - Florida's Best

Florida's Favorite Fisherman

Capt.Frank of Springhill Florida

See what the Florida fish you caught looks like

Fishing, Florida

If it ain't about Fishin - it ain't here

Tide Chart for the St.Petersburg area

ICQ info

Download the new version of ICQ99a

want to learn how to back up all your contacts in ICQ, so you can upgrade ICQ, and not loose them?

Having Trouble Connecting with ICQ add these tips and Tricks

Info Pages

LockergnomeIf your not reading lockergnome you don't know what your missing

If you have a soundcard or video card and you don't know who made the card check the FCC number on the card and then go to the FCC's site and check the Grantee search...then find out who indead made that card and get the drivers you need so you can reformat that Hard drive

ZD-TV Watch on TV and learn about computers,programs,repairs,latest equiptment...(thats if you have a C-Band satellite dish...cable TV viewers you get what you pay for...hehehe)or you can read about it here

Internet Explorer 5.0 add ons

Windows 98 updates that you can save to a disk

So you have a lost or corrupt DLL file and you don't know where to get it-TRY HERE

So you want to install Win95 or Win98 and there is some unanswered questions and your full of FEAR there may be an answer here

Did you ever wonder where to go to get the latest updates for your Windows programs,sound cards,etc... well there is a way to "CATCH UP"... this little program will check your PC, and show you where to go to get the latest and greatest updates for your computer

Bug Alerts - Windows 98

Microsoft has a page so you can check your computer to see if its Y2K ready

Have you ever wondered how to extract one of those cab files from your Win98 install disk but didn't know how? - whats in those cab files are listed here

Would you like to go to Microsoft's seminars and get programs before they're released to the public,and have them teach you how to use it?...Its FREE

NASA Spacelink - Hot Topics

Are you new to the Internet? Newbie-U New User University

Get started with Windows 98

Windows Tips & Tweeks

Lowest Prices On the Planet for Computer Parts and supplys

Florida Department of Law Enforcement

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Software Freeware and Shareware


365 Days of Off-the-WallPaper


Filez -

Frank Condron's World O'Windows


Pass The Shareware Please

Stroud's CWSApps List - 32-bit Apps Main Menu

The WinSite(tm) Archive

WinFiles for Windows95 & Windows98

Welcome to TUCOWS


Boy Scouts of America - BSA - National Council

Sand Hill Scout Reservation For West Central Florida

Twin Rivers District Pasco County Florida

WELCOME TO BSA TROOP 545: Geared for the Special needs in Pasco County, Florida

Search the World Wide Web

AltaVista Search Main Page

4Internet Network

FAST FTP Search v4



InfoSpace - Phone & Address

MapQuest! Welcome!

MSN super search

TerraServer (Can you find your house?)

United States Postal Service





CBS SportsLine

ESPN SportsZone NFL

goracing! Home Page

NASCAR Online Home Page

National Hockey League

NBC Sports



Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Team Mopar The Darrell Gwynn Page

The Crow's Nest - Unofficial Tampa Bay Buccaneers Web Page

Can you handle Jim Rome & THE JUNGLE

The OFFICIAL John Force Racing website

University of Florida...Go GATORS!!


"Simon Says": DO IT IN THE SAND!!!

News and Weather

GIST TV Listings

WFLA-TV channel 8 (Florida)

CNN News

Channel 10 (Florida)

FOX13 OnLine (Florida)

Central Florida

The Weather Channel - Home Page

Mario's Cyberspace Station Main Menu World News

Tampa bay area - Animated radar

Florida radar loop

Silly and Fun Stuff

AprilFools play on line Jokes on your friends ;)

Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards

The LAUGH DOME Home Page

The MASH 4077th Homepage

The Mr Bean home Page

Ufomind Guide to Knowledge (Top Level)


Wavs, Midi, Themes

The Daily Wav


Clay's Sound Emporium- Wav Files (Simpsons, Blazing Saddles), etc...

G-Man E-Mail Sounds

Music King's Ultimate Midi Archive

Pete's TV WAVs Site

The Movie Sounds Page Wav files, Movie Sound clips, sound bites & more!

Wav Central

Free MIDI Files at The MIDI Farm Internet

Debbie's Themes and Wallpaper

Desktop Themes Web Ring

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